C&A Foundation


C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation;  its mission is to support programmes and initiatives that will transform fashion into a fair and sustainable industry that enables everyone – from farmer to factory worker – to thrive.

“We  believe that our industry has the power and ability to work better for the millions of people who make the world’s clothes. We believe this because we see evidence of positive change happening every day. From a farmer who transforms life for herself and her family thanks to organic cotton, to the young girl who turns her life around when she’s given support to get out of forced labour and back into school.”

C&A Foundation wants to lead and accelerate the change to create an industry with social and environmental practices that enable communities and people to thrive.

C&A Foundation believes that fashion can be a force for good. But to make that happen, everyone needs to collaborate. To do this, C&A Foundation provides brands, NGOs, governments and other changemakers with financial support, expertise and access to a network of specialists. They help to connect people together to drive industry transformation.

For more: C&A Foundation website.